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    Who doesn't want a bit more jubilance in their life?

    So why not do what you love? And I love photography . . .
    and thrift shopping, British TV, coconut cream pie,
    mangoes and sunny days.

    I have been a photographer for more than 10 years,
    specializing in family and high school senior portraits.

    I am currently teaching myself graphic design and
    would love to someday be a travel photographer.

    What brings you joy? What do you love?

    I would love to meet you, learn what makes
    you happy and capture that beauty.

    Why "Jubilance"?

    My current life's journey is to find true jubilance, not just looking
    the part but really living it and truly feeling it within. With this
    hope, the business name "Jubilance" was created.

    And, It just so happens that all the letters of "jubilance" can be
    found in my first and last names!


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